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Hello and welcome to jellicle_fic!

This is the LJ fanfiction community for the lovely musical Cats. Here you can post your writings about the Jellicles, poetry, short stories or even 30-chapter epics, if that should strike your fancy. Things like essays and rants are welcome as well, should you wish it.

We've also got a Plotbunny Adoption Center, where you can leave any ideas for fics that you don't have the time/will/talent to write but can't get out of your head. And if you should look through the list and find something you think you could write, then Give The Bunny A Loving Home!

Hear ye, hear ye, listen to the rules of jellicle_fic!

For the Authors:

• When posting a fic, please use the following format.
General/Romance/Humor/Drama/Poetry/Action/Adventure/Mystery/Horror/Parody/ Angst/Supernatural/Suspense/Sci-fi/Spiritual/Fantasy/Tragedy
Rating: jellicle_fic uses ratings from G to R, for the sake of the kittens
Short summary: is the story slash/het, AU, crossover or anything else worth mentioning before we start reading it?
Word count:
(Story under an LJ-cut)
this is the code used for making an LJ-cut: [lj-cut text="whateveryouwantthecuttosay"]The story[/lj-cut] but with <> instead of []
Mind your grammar and spelling. There is no excuse for not doing this. If you are uncertain of anything, you are welcome to ask, and we'll do our best to help. Spell check is your friend. The proof-reader as well.
• The stories should be written in English.
jellicle_fic prefer our Jellicles in-character. If you feel the need to write them OOC, by all means do so, but do not throw a hissy-fit when you recieve critizism.
• Do not spam. We HATE spam.

For the Reviewers:

• All writers appreciate someone commenting on what they've done. So comment often, comment happily, and comment politely!
• Flaming is forbidden. A flame is an extremely negative review, often rude, with personal attacks on the author's appearance, family and/or sexual orientation. This is a flame:
WTF is this u h00r u cant write tugegr wold nevah do taht u suck ur familie suxxxxx and u r GAYYYYY!!!!11
• Constructive critizism is not flaming. Therefore it is not forbidden, but welcome. This is conctructive critizism:
I like the plot, but here are some pointers for how to continue. First of all, Tugger is slightly out of character. He would never fall headover heals in love with anyone right away. Lust yes, love no. Tugger is a player, and quite comfortable with that. He would certainly notice a new queen in the Junkyard, and it is probable that he would comment and flirt madly, but he would not ask her to marry him and have lots of kittens after only an hour. I suggest that you do a bit more research on Tugger, about his personality and behaviour, and then re-write parts of the story. Good luck!

In general:

• Not everyone agrees with each other in this fandom, as is often the case. Some believe that Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer are siblings, others claim that they are a couple. Some enjoy slash, others don't. Some say "Heavyside," some say "Heaviside." Respect each other anyway, and jellicle_fic will become a great community for everyone!

ekwy, your Almighty Mod.